ConnectMe is a secure easy to use client engagement platform.

In a world of connected care, we see increased client engagement.
Communication with clients is paramount to help them understand their condition and treatment options.

Secure Video Calls

  • Serve more clients than you could using only face-to-face
  • Become more efficient seeing distant clients
  • Save time by conducting follow-up consults using video
  • Video improves client-provider engagement

Improve Client Communications

  • Replace non-compliant emails and SMS to clients
  • All communication in one, encrypted location
  • Send documents, images or treatment plans securely
  • Optional real-time messaging

Hi Hester, tell me more about your week.

Hi, I felt much better this week...

Convenient and Easy to Access Client Diary

  • Replace paper records and homework
  • Efficient and accurate update on client progress
  • Recording behaviour assists with improving personal insight
  • Visualising thoughts improves client commitment

Simple To Create, Automated Reminders

  • Turn care plans into simple daily tasks
  • Create a sense of connection to the treatment between visits
  • Make it easy to follow treatment specific instructions
  • Keep clients more engaged and committed to treatment outside of face to face sessions instructions

Adhering to industry standard security requirements

All records are end-to-end encrypted and saved on secure, Australian-based facilities. Information can only be accessed by you and your client.