Frequently Asked Questions

Which health professionals are using ConnectMe?

There are many experienced Australian Health Professionals specialising in a variety of fields.
Current users include Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Diabetes Educators, Physiotherapists, and GPs.

How do I connect with my clients using ConnectMe?

Adding clients to ConnectMe is simple. Use the platform to send a secure link via email or SMS to your clients. Your client will register using just basic details and then the secure connection is created.

Can I export or download the data to save with my practice management system?

Yes. All communications and private notes can be downloaded and either saved as a file on your client’s record or copied and pasted into your practice management system.

What hardware & software do I need to use ConnectMe?

You can access ConnectMe and your account from any device that has a web browser and internet connection. Using your phone, laptop, PC or tablet means you can connect from anywhere that is convenient for you. The same applies for your clients, and therefore there is no special hardware or software required.
ConnectMe is also available as an app for both iOS and Android mobile phones. (For app store links please see footer).

How does ConnectMe differ from other platforms offering Telehealth?

ConnectMe has been specifically developed for healthcare practitioners. Working closely with and therefore understanding health practitioners has been our goal in building ConnectMe. We have made sure that ConnectMe is simple to use for both practitioner and client, and also integrates seamlessly as an adjunct to any healthcare plan.

Can my clients initiate a video call at any time?

We've spoken to healthcare practitioners who get frustrated when new technologies fail to meet their needs. ConnectMe allows only the healthcare practitioner to start a video call, meaning that you won't have a patient calling you at an inconvenient time.

Does on-boarding ConnectMe in my practice mean I need to be available 24/7?

One of the great benefits of using ConnectMe is that your clients will feel like you are with them whenever they need you, without you actually being there. Using the Diary feature means your clients can update you whenever they like but they know you will review in your own time. Using reminders can add personal touch points and encouragement without any additional work from your end.

What happens if I stop seeing a client?

Due to AHPRA regulations for health practitioners on keeping notes, no connections can be deleted from ConnectMe. You can, however, “Archive” a connection if your client is not actively attending consultations. Once the connection is archived it is still accessible by you and your client but your client will not be able to edit or add any communications.

Is my clients' data secure?

ConnectMe adheres to industry standard security requirements. All information can only be accessed by you and your client (this means that not even ConnectMe can access the data).
All messages sent over the ConnectMe platform are encrypted between the ConnectMe servers and the recipients using state of the art TLSv1.2, and a 2048 bit RSA certificate with a SHA256/RSA signature; the strength of ConnectMe's TLS encryption is rated as A+.

Do my clients see any personal details when we connect?

Healthcare practitioners invite clients onto ConnectMe by sending a secure link via email or SMS. Your clients will never need your email address, mobile number or username in order to use the platform.