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Empower your clients to take a more active role in their care.

A secure practitioner to client communication platform.

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92% of clients found their sessions more effective since using ConnectMe.

ConnectMe client survey 2016

ConnectMe is a secure, easy to use client engagement platform

Convenient and easy to access client diary

  • Replace paper records and homework
  • Efficient and accurate update on patient progress
  • Recording behaviour assists with improving personal insight
  • Visualising thoughts improves client commitment

Improved client communications

  • Secure video conferencing
  • Replace non-compliant emails and SMS to clients
  • All communication in one, encrypted location
  • Send documents, images or treatment plans securely
  • Optional real-time messaging

Hi Louise, tell me more about your week.

Hi, I felt much better this week...

Simple to create, automated reminders

  • Turn care plans into simple daily tasks
  • Create a sense of connection to the treatment between visits
  • Make it easy to follow treatment specific instructions
  • Keep clients more engaged and committed to treatment outside of face to face sessions

Online assessments and practice specific forms

  • Increase client tracking and compliance
  • Clients can complete in-take forms prior to arriving for their visit
  • Select from a large range of existing templates (e.g. K10, DASS, nutrition calendar)
  • Create personalised outcome rating scales, tailored for individual clients
  • Collate and view all assessment data online, no additional work required

Coming soon

Wearables & Connected Technologies

  • Keep track of real-time vital signs, fitness and lifestyle data
  • Clients can record, monitor and sync data from a range of wearables and health trackers
  • Transparency in care and encouraging self-care management
  • Review client progression and commitment on an easy-to-use dashboard

Keep treatment relevant, timely and on track

Safe & secure

All records are encrypted and saved on secure, Australian-based facilities.


All information can only be accessed by you and your client.

Simple & Convenient

ConnectMe can be accessed from any web browser and is also available as an app for mobile.

Adhering to industry standard security requirments

All messages sent over the ConnectMe platform are encrypted between the ConnectMe servers and the recipients using state of the art TLSv1.2, and a 2048 bit RSA certificate with a SHA256/RSA signature; the strength of ConnectMe's TLS encryption is rated as A+

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I have been using ConnectMe for just over 4 months and I have noticed how much easier it is to stay connected with clients even when we are seeing each other infrequently.

Samantha Spafford

Psychologist, positive mind works

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